I celebrate the living world's capacity to generate organic grace through the arc of decay and growth; natures cyclical and triumphant resurrections on the cusp of chaos.’ Walter Bailey

Walter Bailey works predominantly in ‘green’ wood in his outdoor studio. Sustainability is central to his practice ensuring that all wood used is sustainably sourced often working with windblown or damaged trees. He takes a ‘soil to soil’ approach in the creation of his work ensuring that all materials can be safely returned to the soil to nourish new woodland growth at the end of their useful life.

Bailey's knowledge of nature is experiential and his direct approach to creation is elemental, by carving and eroding with hand tools, fire and water, he amplifies and deepens the biography of his chosen materials and forms. Exploring the physical and emotional geography of place he seeks to communicate at the interface between nature and humanity.’ Kay Syrad

Sculptures range in scale from large scale public art projects to intimate wall hung sculptures and are held in public and private collections nationally and internationally.

Walter Bailey

Walter Bailey